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If you want to keep track of who is winning the most medals at the 2012 London Olympics here’s a video below that shows the total count of medals as of August 4, 2012. So far, the United States has the most total medals with 43 and also the most gold medals with 21. The US pulled ahead of China a couple of days ago with help from Michael Phelps in swimming and Gabby Douglas in gymnastics and let’s hope they can keep their lead.

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Yes it’s the fastest production car in the world and it is known as the Bugatti Veyron. The top speed of this ultra expensive sports car is somewhere around 253 MPH. At that speed you must have extraordinary tires and rims that come at an extra ordinary price. A set of tires and rims for the Veyron will set you back $25,000 and a tune up for this ride is a mere $40,000. Better save your pennies folks, or become a rock star to afford to park this in your garage.

Source: via Samuel on Pinterest